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Window Installation Sylmar

Are you a homeowner interested in a free estimate for your window installation in Sylmar, CA? We are Novel Remodeling, a licensed and insured contractor that offers window installation, window repairs, and energy efficiency upgrades for homeowners. We strongly encourage homeowners to upgrade old windows to new energy efficient windows that are affordable and can save energy and costs. Window installations done by our professional installers come backed with warranty and assurance for top quality work. Free Estimates for your window project is available. Call for details and rebate information.

Window Repair Services

Window repairs projects done by Novel Remodeling is different compared to a regular window installer. When it comes to window installation, cause of the damages is important. Our window installation teams are companied by our foundation professionals that evaluate the foundation for slips, cracks, and signs of soil settlement issues that cause windows to not close properly, and doors to shift. Most common cause of windows not aligning or not closing or opening properly is foundation. Once we determine that it’s not a problem, repairing or replacing your windows are easy. Finding the right window hinges or repairing the window frames are an easy fix.  

Types of Window Repairs

Broken window glass is a common type of window repairs we provide. Most windows are the easiest way for thieves to get inside your home.  Get dual pane, double layer windows that are designed for security and energy efficiency.  

Windows that are hard to open or often get stuck are aligning issues that are caused by foundation slips. This is a big problem because Los Angeles is the center for earthquakes and seismic activities. Regular maintenance is required for foundations to

uphold your house and for your windows to close/open properly.

Vinyl window maintenance is also an important window repair that is required to upkeep your windows. Small maintenance will keep your windows strong for the long run. Window installers in Sylmar

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