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Succulent Landscaping Plants

Homeowners are taking full advantage of succulent gardens in Los Angeles. More often than not, homeowners look for us to guide them through projects. Schedule your free in-home backyard evaluation and let us show you different succulents that can help you. We design, help you install and make your backyard look professional. Schedule an estimate for drought friendly landscaping in Los Angeles.

Aeonium Succulents

Is a succulent that has at least 35 different species of tender, rosette and leaf succulents. Its one of the most popular types of succulents used in landscaping designs in Los Angeles. Comes from Morocco, and Ethiopian lands, it’s a great filler and some are even known to stand out in comparison to other succulents.

Aloe Vera Succulents

Aloe Vera is one of the most sought after succulents in the gardens of most homeowners in Los Angeles. Aloe Vera possesses healing qualities that does wonders for people with Ulcers and other digestive illnesses. In addition to health benefits it serves as a wonderful succulent in any garden!

Crassula Capitella Succulents

This plant is known as the sun succulent or the campfire plant. It’s known to change color depending on the amount of sun it receives and is a wonderful addition to any succulent garden. Finding one at your local nursery is very easy and planting involves little effort.

Haworthia Correcta Succulents

These are by far one of the most exquisite succulents in our list of top plants. Haworthia Correcta is a short leave like plant that requires little to no maintenance. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful succulents available. Most used in drought landscaping projects in Los Angeles.

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