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Sound proofing a room

Novel Remodeling provides sound proofing insulation for homeowners interested in sound proofing a room in their house. We are a one stop shop for insulation installation for homeowners. We provide free estimates for sound proofing rooms in Los Angeles and nearby communities.

Sound Proof Los Angeles Homes

Own a house and need to keep noise to a minimum from your tenants? Novel Remodeling can help you reduce noise from up stair neighbors by installing insulation between ceiling and floor to reduce noise. In Los Angeles, we install Quiet Batt soundproof insulation once we determine the room and reason why homeowners might be experiencing more noise in a specific room.  

Homes built before 1950’s often have outdated insulation that has become obsolete in today’s building standards. There are many different brands to insulate attics, flooring, walls and ceilings to keep sound inside, and outside noise clear from your room.  The modern wall is great but wood, drywall and light insulation is nothing to keep loud noise out. Our insulation experts install heavy industry grade sound proof insulation for rooms that are prone to noise.

Areas To Consider Sound Proofing

A kitchen is a room that does not really need sound proofing in most homes, however, bedrooms, home offices and even home studios are all areas to consider sound proofing. Sound proofing your bedroom can help you increase your quality of sleep. Keeping your office quiet with soundproofing might increase your productivity and help you stay focused more often than not. If you are in the music industry, a home studio must be sound proofed to record your own music properly. Lastly, if your child is picking up a new instrument for school or hobby, a soundproof room can give him a good place to practice without driving your neighbors crazy.  These are all good reasons to consider soundproofing your home. Get started with a free estimate today.

Hiring a Sound Proofing Specialists

Novel Remodeling can help you get started with any sound proofing project by identify the reason for the sound leaks, whether its lack of sound proof insulation, or faulty building structure. Our project managers will walk you through rooms and do the echo tests to learn where the problem lies, and then provide cost efficient solutions to block off all sound coming to a certain room of your house.

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