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Slabjacking Concrete Foundation

Slabjacking Concrete for Foundation Repairs

Slabjacking is one of the methods used to repair shifts in the soil. When a contractor is in the processes of doing a newly formed foundation, rarely they take the necessary time to compact the soil to avoid gabs which turn into big problems in the future. Its not very uncommon for a builder to quickly move on instead of taking the necessary time to take the necessary steps to avoid any loosely packed soil from the foundation. When homeowners find out that the home is shifting due to soil shifts, slabjacking is required to lift the concrete and fill in the gaps for the foundation.

Benefits of Slabjacking

It can be done in almost any weather condition. That means rain or shine; we can perform the slabjacking and get your foundation back on track.

Slabjacking does not require any of your landscaping to be destroyed. Usually cracks in the foundation would require diggers to dig near the foundation and determine the damages and repair it, however slabjacking you keep you’re landscaping in tack.

Last benefit is that you don’t have to move anything from your slab foundation as it will be lifted all together. It’s a small convenience for such a big project.

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