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Skylight Repairs In Los Angeles

Skylight repair services is one of the most common type of roof damage and roof leak services in Los Angeles. Most common types of damages to skylights are installation mistakes, rodent damage, and lack of maintenance which cause skylight leaks.

Skylight Repair Costs

Novel Remodeling provides free estimates for skylight repair costs analysis for homeowners. Our expert representatives can quickly estimate costs by arranging a free estimate and going on your roof to asses the damages.

Skylight replacement services are also available for homeowners. Skylight replacements occur when the damages are beyond any repair. We use premium skylights for our installation.

Brands We Recommend


Gordon Skylights

We recommend only energy star skylights because they help you save money on energy costs and keep your home energy efficient.

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Skylight Repairs Los Angeles Skylight Roof Repairs

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