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Shower Enclosure Installers Los Angeles

Interested in hiring a pro contractor for your shower enclosure installation in Los Angeles? Novel Remodeling provides the best shower enclosure installers in LA. Whether you’re interested in a small bathroom remodeling or a full size bathroom, shower enclosures are perfect for almost every type of bathroom.


Homeowners have options when it comes to choosing a shower enclosure for the home. There are options for custom designed shower enclosures, or prefabricated options found on home depot or other hardware stores. Budget is one of the most important concepts to consider for shower enclosures and bathroom remodeling.

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Shower Enclosure Installation Costs

Shower enclosures come in standard shapes, and prefabricated designs. Often times these are good enough for homeowners, however, a custom designed shower enclosure will add value and professional finish to match your newly designed bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling contractors estimate costs for shower enclosures to be in the range of $930 - $1450 depending on the shower enclosure (prefabricated) and installation is separate.  Schedule  a free quote today and lets begin your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles.

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