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Room Addition and expansion Room Addition with Porch

Planning Stages of Room Additions

Here at Novel Remodeling, we believe that the planning stage is the most important stage of the room addition remodeling project. Whether you are interested in adding child friendly bathroom, or a home office, each room addition is different.

Design and location of the room addition is an important part of the planning stage. Layout of the house can be modified with each addition and expanding areas while shrinking other parts of the house can bring a new look to the house. Our qualified architects can draw up building plans according to your house zoning.

Return on Investment plays a big role in how the room addition is done and materials used.  Homeowners that want a high ROI use cheaper materials that look appealing but are not as durable as high end quality built cabinets, flooring, roofs, and more. Keeping costs low for rental properties is also a thing to consider. Find a medium balance with a professional evaluation

Budget and Cost Analysis

Room addition costs are one of the most influential determiners that make or break homeowner’s decisions. Determining a budget can be time constraining and unbelievably hard. To generalize most homeowners in Los Angeles spend $135 - $175 per sqft for a normal room addition without the fancy perks. If you incorporate a smart home style addition, prices are little over $200.00 per Sqft.

To determine costs for your project, or compare prices, simply fill out our contact form and let us show you the way.

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Room Additions in LA

When it comes to adding value, nothing adds more value than room additions. If you are in the market of adding more living space by expanding your house, adding a second story, or converting your attached or detached garage into living quarters, you have found the perfect room addition contractor in Los Angeles.

Most room addition projects involve designers, architects, contractors and inspection; most homeowners seek to simplify the process by hiring a general contractor. Novel Remodeling, a fully licensed and insured general contractor makes it easy for homeowners by planning, designing, and building with our clients in mind!

Expanding homes require a necessary list of skill sets and we have demonstrated countless times on what makes us different. Our experience and expertise in adding cost efficient living space adds more value than typical additions. Find out our secret today with a free on site estimate.

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