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Tile Roof Repapering

Novel Remodeling a well-established roofing and general construction company provides Tile Roof Repapering for roofs that are experiencing leaks, cracks, or airflow issues. Our tile roof repair contractors recommend repapering entire roofs that are over 20 years old as it is one way of preserving your roof. Roof repapering is the processes of removing the tiles and installing an additional layer below the tiles for the roof so it can add an additional layer of protection to your roof.

Roof Repapering can help your roof last longer, and prevent water damages that ordinary will leak through. Our roof installation projects often times comes with roof papering and is recommended by the roofing association. Novel Remodeling in Los Angeles is a trusted source for roof inspections, roof repapering and roof replacement projects in Los Angeles community. Take advantage of free in-home estimates for tile roof repapering today!

Roof Repairs 

We will fix your leak by replacing your roof or your money back!

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