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Roofing repairs costing you big!

If your roof has holes and its lacking the reflective coating available for new roofs, its like throwing money out the window. Roofing holes that are not patched and repaired release air and bring in heat/cool depending on the weather. Its not solid and can never keep your homes temperature stable. If your air conditioning unit has to work 3x harder because you have several leaks in your roof, homeowners are wasting money on cooling. Same applies to heating costs and thus we recommend a well maintained roof and even upgraded energy efficient windows to save homeowners money on energy costs.

Roofing Repair Costs

In order to get costs for your roof repair, Novel Remodeling provides free estimates for homeowners interested in roof repairs and upgrades. Specialized in roofing repairs and affordable and energy efficient roofing, we go the extra mile for our clients and work hard to show homeowners what affordable roofing repairs can do for their home. Compare your roofing estimates with Novel Remodeling and lets upgrade your roof in Saugus today.

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An experienced roofing contractor is what is required for a leaky roof repair in Saugus, CA and we love to be the ones to earn your business. Novel Remodeling a full service licensed contractor provides roof estimates and roof repairs for homeowners. Our roofing contractors specialize in repairing roof leaks in Saugus, ca. Roofing contractors that work with us can replace your entire roof, do small roof repairs, roof leak detection, skylight sealing and roof foam insulation installation. Prepare for the rainy season with a professional evaluation of your roof. Hire an expert roofing repair contractor like us to go over your home. Free roof estimates for all homeowners.

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