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Roof Repairs in Los Angeles 2017

2017 is a year of renovations and full scale remodeling for homeowners and roof repairs should be considered a big part of the project. As a licensed contractor, we experience a flood of roof projects only during winter rain, when our labor costs are at its most. Considerably, Novel Remodeling and our roofers in Los Angeles provide yearlong roof inspections for homeowners. A roof inspection from a responsible contractor is a proactive way to determine damages and discover the true condition of your roof.

Before we dive into the common damages of roofs, scheduling a free estimate is simple and easy with Novel Remodeling. Call our offices and speak to our representative. Schedule a time to meet our representative and let him inspect your roof, and share our findings. Our estimates are absolutely free for homeowners.

Common Roof Repair Damages

Here are common damages that occur throughout the year that result in leaky roofs when rain falls upon us.

Wrong Roof Stack Flashings Installed

Each type of roof material has its own stack flashings. We recommended installing the right flashings for each type of roof. Some roofers and non-licensed handymen install what’s cheap and readily available. The result is a leaky roof that can cause more damage to your home.  

Flat Roofs Not torched Down

Flat roofs are designated for commercial property. We are a strong believer in “if its too good to be true, then its probably not true.” Clients that think they saved money often get a flat roof that’s not torched down, and can result in leaks, and further damage. Flat roofs for commercial warehouses and office buildings need the best roofing installers for a roof to last 10-20 years.

Roof Shingle Flashings

Shingle Roofs are very popular in Los Angeles. Its affordable, easy labor and often fast to install. Roof installers tend to do the most damage to the roof by installing shingles improperly, flashing being incorrect in size, or bent during or before installation. These tend to be easy fixes for the right roofer, but easily unnoticed when a homeowner does a final review of the roof.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashings that have not been replaced for over 15 years will not pass inspection done by to days city inspectors. The outdated materials are not in line with current building code. The damages and lack of quality is respectfully put to rest, while new flashing's are available to do a better job at protecting your home chimney and your home.

Electrical Posts and Roof Bathroom Vents

Electrical posts are an old way of running electricity, but are still common in Los Angeles homes.  Electrical posts have caulking around edges to prevent leaks.  Caulking needs to be reapplied and often bad workmanship can leave new caulking jobs that fail to prevent leaks.  Hiring an experienced roofing company can get you quality workmanship at a price that’s not far from the unlicensed roofers. Same caulking’s is also applied to bathroom vents, and other ventilation systems that extend passed the roof.

Shingle Roofs That Crack

Shingles are materials just like any other material out there. More often than not, shingles can crack from heat, damaged from rodents, and are defective from the factory. Our experienced roofers upon purchase inspect shingles and insure the best materials are installed on our clients roofs. An installer is as good as the material they used to install. We use that philosophy to recommend and install only the best shingle roofs in Los Angeles.

Roofing Material Being Blown Off

Los Angeles is not considered the “windy city”, and this should not be considered a problem. There have been situations where the winds have become strong enough during heavy storms that have blown off loose shingles, and Spanish tile roofs. Hurricanes like El Nino and Jose have done plenty of damage to homes in Los Angeles and our goal is for our clients can safely weather the storm in their home.

Choosing a licensed Roofer

Novel Remodeling is recommended licensed contractors that can help homeowners get roof repairs, and roof replacements but the reason why we are so recommended is that we avoid cutting corners, stand by our workmanship, avoid confrontations and provide the best customer service we can to our clients.

Let’s emphasis on cutting corners and why Novel Remodeling works hard to do the project correctly the first time around. Our licensed roofers provide warranty for the workmanship and construction of the roof.  We avoid cutting corners because at the end of the day we are responsible for your roof for an extended period of time. We are not building a roof once and never answering the phone again.

Warranty is one of the best parts of living in America or anywhere that service associated companies stand by the workmanship they provided. Novel Remodeling has a warranty designed to cater to our audience. Schedule a free estimate and learn about the different warranties we have available for our roofing projects.

Customer service is a big factor for homeowners in Los Angeles. Most clients are eager to learn about the materials, discover the benefits and disadvantages of the materials and how we will do the installation. In addition to material selection, our project managers help keep job sites organized, answer questions, go over payment methods and make it easy for our clients to get there questions answered.  So we challenged you to inspect your roof today. Get a free estimate, and learn about materials, design and layout ideas. Ask us about solar panels too. Invest in the future of California, invest in solar.

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