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Roof Flashing Repairs Los Angeles

Interested in repairing or replacing your roof flashing's? Novel Remodeling and our pro roofers provide free estimate for roof flashing repairs for homes in Los Angeles.

What are Roof Flashing?

Roof flashings are designed to help protect vulnerable spots from water leaks. Often times, they can be the cause of a roof leak due to manufacture defects, installation error, or both. Roof flashing's are replaced when a leak occurs. Its cost efficient to replace a metal roof flashing then tries to repair the metal flashing's themselves.

Replace Shingle Flashing

Vertical Slits between shingles are used to protect the roof from vulnerable spots. Vertical slits can get corroded and cause water to seep through. Our roofing contractors can identify the roof leaks and the cause of it by analyzing the area’s damaged and replaces the vertical slits to avoid further damage.

Vent Flashing

Plumbing vents are often placed just below the roof with small vents floating above the roof line. It is an old method of plumbing and often outdated. Plumbing vents are sealed with rubber substance that can crack due to weather, and time. Checking vents for cracks and other issues can help prevent leaks.

Chimney Leaks

Los Angeles homes rarely have a chimney, but those that do often leak due to faulty flashings near the edges of the roof and chimney. Novel Remodeling can help identify the cause the roof leaks by assessing the damages and where it’s coming from. Our expert roofers get on your roof to determine the cause, and provide practical solutions to repair the damages and ensure you have a flawless roof. Chimney leaks are done just like every other type of roof leak. Schedule your free estimate and get the best price on roof repairs in Los Angeles.

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