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Novel Remodeling offers home improvement services that will help you feel more comfortable in your house. Home improvement services includes Weatherization, window replacements, and more.

Novel Remodeling offers major remodeling services for homeowners. Homeowners interested in Kitchen, Bathroom and Room addition can get estimates and project details from  Novel Remodeling.

Novel Remodeling offers energy upgrades to save you money on your electricity and water bill. Find out how we can help reduce your energy dependency and save you thousands.

“Novel Remodeling = Excellent Service + Amazing Product Recommendations”

Major Remodeling Services

Novel remodeling a fully licensed and insured general contractor, offers different remodeling services for local homeowners in Los Angeles. We are most often known for our famous Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling. That’s the bulk of our business but never limits us for taking on more work. We also provide room additions, foundation repairs, foundation evaluation, roofing repairs, drought landscaping, interior/exterior painting, and even flooring. Request a free estimate and compare our prices with local contractors in your area.

Home Improvement Services

Looking for other home improvement around the house? Novel Remodeling helps homeowners weather proof their homes with insulation, new energy efficient windows and doors, air conditioning replacements and more. These are relatively simple services we offer to homeowners that want to prepare for summer or winter. Simple repairs can save you thousands on your electricity bill. We know, we do this regularly!

Energy Efficiency Products

Lastly, but not very least we offer energy efficient upgrades for homeowners. Businesses and homeowners spend too much money on electricity, and we can help. Our free estimates for solar panels are informative and can determine if you need panels or not. Those that fall short of our recommend electrical usage can opt for our energy saver Kivar box. It saves up to 25% off your electricity bill. Finally, water usage is a big problem in California and Gray Water system can help you save hundreds of dollars of water. Compare pricing and saving options today.

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