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Patio Cover Construction in Los Angeles

Novel Remodeling is your one stop shop for all types of Patio Cover construction in Los Angeles. As a licensed contractor, we construct aluminum, vinyl, wood, and acrylic patio covers for homeowners. We provide range of different prices for different designs, materials and additions.

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Benefits of Patio Covers

In Los Angeles, the weather can get heated and a well-designed patio cover can add that extra level of shade to keep your home cool during summer days, and create a comfortable environment for your outdoors.

Shade for your backyard

Outdoor kitchen and cooking area

Defining Space for your backyard

Adding Value

Costs for Patio Covers in Los Angeles

Patio Covers are one of the most affordable backyard construction projects to consider in LA.  The value and comfort it adds can extend the costs. On average homeowners are spending $4,550 - $12,500 (estimated figures) depending on the patio cover material, design and size. Planning your patio cover project can help you determine costs and get the best deal. Novel Remodeling standing by for your call to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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Wood Patio Covers

Premium Design and Customization with staining, sealing and paint.

Vinyl Patio Covers

Lifetime Warranty for Vinyl Patio Covers! Schedule A free Quote

Aluminum Patio Covers

Premium Quality Patio Covers meant to last a lifetime.

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