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Safe Sidewalks LA program

Novel Remodeling always helping homeowners find rebate programs and savings for home improvement projects. Safe Sidewalk LA Program is the latest program helping homeowners repair city sidewalks and creating access for disabled and mobile challenged.  

Access Request Program

Access Request Program in Los Angeles took effect and communities are upgrading and advancing their neighborhoods to include accessibility ramps for mobile disabled people and repairing damaged sidewalks that will make it harder to get across. Homeowners that want to do their part and help repair sidewalks, can get up to $10,000 in rebates. Schedule a free estimate, and let us set up an evaluation process for your sidewalk. Once we determine damages and costs, we can have city official come out and calculate the rebates.

Novel Remodeling Sidewalk Repair Service

Sidewalk repairs have always been a city project, but some homeowners just can’t wait that long for the city to finally take action. Most homeowners are reaching out and doing the repairs themselves by hiring local licensed contractors like us in Los Angeles.

Concrete sidewalk and driveway repairs is common and with the help of Los Angeles Sidewalk Safety Program, their never was a better time to repair your sidewalk. Schedule a free estimate and let us show you how you can get started today. Free Estimates begin with a phone call 855-456-6835

If you are a homeowner willing to pay for the sidewalk damages, we can help you get rebates. Make your neighborhood beautiful by scheduling a free estimate today.

damaged sidewalk repairs tree damaged sidewalk LA

Sidewalk Accessibility

Everyone should be able to enjoy our community and Los Angeles efforts with Safe Sidwalk LA Program will help bring accessibility for area that are not disable friendly.

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Sidewalk Repair Rebates Los Angeles - Up to $10000 from City Of LA.

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