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Landscape Designer In Burbank, CA

Novel Remodeling provides landscaping installation and landscape design in Burbank, Ca. We are located in Burbank, CA and provide free estimates for homeowners interested in replacing their yards with new design, traditional or modern landscaping for the house.

Award Winning Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought landscaping is popular, modern and clean design for homeowners that want a maintenance free design. Drought Tolerant  landscaping is a combination of succulents, and fillers like wood chips, gravel, and pebbles to create an elegant space that requires very little water to survive and thrive. Novel Remodeling provides both the installation and design for drought landscaping services in Burbank.

Other Landscaping Services

Tree Removal Service

Interested in removing your tree from your yard? If your tree is larger than 7 ft, you will need a professional landscaping crew to remove your tree. Schedule a free estimate to learn more.

SOD Installation Services

Installing fresh, green grass is another popular service we provide in Burbank, CA. Homeowners that have yellow or dried out grass can replace it with fresh California friendly lawns.

Gardening Services

Interested in building a garden for your backyard? Let us help you get started. Free Quotes on greenhouse ideas, and backyard gardens.

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