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Landscape Designer in Valencia

Imagine getting the urge to remove your entire front yard, or backyard and redo it in a way that makes the most sense to you. If you are interested in any remodeling for the backyard, or interested in a backyard remodeling designer, contact us for a free estimate. We at Novel Remodeling help homeowners embrace this visualization and the need to upgrade, and remodel their backyards. Professional landscape designers like us help shape homes, add curb appeal, and provide custom landscape design ideas for local homeowners in Valencia. We love to meet you and help shape your home in Valencia today.

Removing Lawns in Valencia

First step in any landscape redesign is removing the existing area and starting the design process. Most homeowners in Valencia have some form of SOD installed. We love tearing up old patchy SOD in Valencia and redoing it with a more modern twist. We remove all types of landscaping including tree. Arrange an estimate and share a few details to get started today.

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Succulent Low maintenance Landscape Designs

Most homeowners in Valencia are busy chasing work, entertaining new prospects and or just busy doing the things that make them excited. If you are even remotely thinking about watering your lawn, you’re landscaping or anything of that nature, we recommend going succulent and not looking back. Novel Remodeling helps homeowner’s custom design a landscape to reduce water, lower maintenance and even reduce pollen related allergies. Free estimates on full landscape designs, landscape designing in Valencia.

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