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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Novel Remodeling is one of the top contractors in Reseda that offers Kitchen Remodeling and repairs for homeowners. Homeowners that are looking for professional kitchen remodeling services like cabinet installation, cabinet repairs, countertop installation and tiling have options available to them. Our project coordinators and general contractors work together from start to finish by designing and installing only the best products for our clientele. We offer brand named cabinets and countertops that thrill homeowners into a custom designed kitchen for the entire family. Get a free quote for your kitchen remodeling project, starting as low as $12,350.

Custom kitchen plans - Kitchen Design Plans

Are you looking for a handcrafted, custom designed, beautiful kitchen to match your house? Novel Remodeling a responsible and affordable kitchen remodeling contractor offers all types of custom cabinets and design options for homeowners to choose from. Our contractors and project coordinators have done thousands of kitchen remodeling projects and have references to show you. Our projects are diverse, and offer customization in tiling, cabinets, countertops, lighting and more. To get started, try calling us or inquiring online. We provide 24 hour response time to any online inquire and any details you can add can help us determine what type of kitchen remodeling you are looking for. Hire the best general contractor in Reseda and get a deal of a lifetime.

Saving On kitchen remodeling

Homeowners that are interested in finding out more in regards to a kitchen remodeling, should know that we offer both custom and standard kitchen remodeling. Standard remodeling options are far more affordable for homeowners and still provide a professional kitchen for the family to enjoy. Reseda like most of Los Angeles County is a city full of classic historic homes and modern designed newly built homes for everyone’s taste. Get a free quote for an affordable kitchen design to match your house today.

Small Kitchen repairs Reseda  

Do you want to restore your old kitchen instead of replacing entirely? Sometimes it makes more sense to restore/repair a kitchen verses replace it entirely and Novel Remodeling offers this as a viable service for homeowners. Some of the options available for homeowners are cabinet resurfacing, countertop sanding, polishing, and sealing and more. Get a free in-home estimate today and determine if its costs efficient to repair or replace your kitchen in Reseda.

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