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Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Are you ready to begin your kitchen remodeling? Novel Remodeling provides kitchen remodeling and kitchen design services for homeowners interested in remodeling the kitchen in Hollywood, CA. Fully licensed general contractor, we provide everything from building plans to full scale installation of custom and pre-made kitchens for homeowners. Start today by scheduling a free estimate and learning about options, design ideas, costs and material selection.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets is a simple yet complex project for homeowners. Most people need to resurface or replace the surface layer of the kitchen cabinets just because they are not fond of the color, design or details of the cabinets. Novel Remodeling provides cabinet resurfacing if cabinet replacement does not make sense. Newly installed cabinets or cabinets that are in good condition would not warrant a replacement, we are not here to tell you to settle. Resurface your cabinets with a design that makes sense for you.

Furthermore, replacing your cabinets that are old or just damaged makes more sense than repairs because costs are high for simple repairs due to the extensive labor required matching your existing look. Begin today with a free estimate on kitchen cabinet replacing in Hollywood Hills. Call Now!

Replacing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops often get scratched, stained or chipped depending on the material and how often you cook. Novel Remodeling can help you replace your kitchen counters with brand new, granite, marble, quartz, laminate and other types of kitchen counters in Hollywood, CA. Our kitchen contractors provide both materials and our best crew for kitchen counter installations.

Repairing Kitchen Countertops

Some countertops that can be repaired are often repaired instead of replacing and assessment of your kitchen counters are just the first step we provide for clients in Hollywood. Once an estimate is scheduled, our trained remodeling estimators will go over the damages and show you if it’s possible to repair to save money, or a replacement is necessary to achieve the design you need.

Kitchen Tiling Services

Finally we provide kitchen tiling services for homes in Hollywood Hills. We provide expert backsplash tile installation and kitchen floor tiles for any size kitchens. Our kitchen contractors help you select only the finest quality kitchen tiles and help you design your kitchen to match your living space. Schedule a free no obligation estimate and see why so many homeowners are starting the kitchen remodeling with our kitchen designers and contractors.

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