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Attic Insulation

Insulation Services in Los Angeles

Homeowners that are interested in making their homes more cozy and comfortable should consider insulation services from our contractor, Novel Remodeling. Novel Remodeling is a licensed general contractor that provides insulation, among other services for homeowners. Insulation services in Los Angeles are very popular during summer due to the excessive heat we often get.

Homeowners during the summer often have their air conditioning units running all day and night to keep the home comfortable while spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars. Homeowners can decide to take action and help improve the condition of the house by installing new insulation in the attic, between the walls, and in the flooring.

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Attic Insulation

Homeowners experience the most benefits when they choose to renew or upgrade the existing attic insulation in their homes. Los Angeles homeowners can experience heat up to 140 degrees in their attics. Insulating the attic can help keep the hot air from reaching the rest of the house. It’s a simple project and rebates are available when you choose a licensed contractor like us.

In-Wall Insulation

Most homeowners think of insulation online in the attic and rarely in the walls around them. Insulation can be blown inside your walls using a mid-size hole and insulation blow out machine. It’s a method used to insulate homes that already have drywall installed. It is also a great way to soundproof a room or your house too. Schedule a free estimate for your insulation project and save with Novel Remodeling.

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