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Foundation Retrofitting Services in Los Angeles

What is Foundation Retrofitting

Foundation retrofitting is a service offered by Novel Remodeling in hopes of protecting your home against the next big earthquake that will eventually hit Los Angeles. Foundation Retrofitting services is essence connecting your homes concrete foundation to the wooden beams that are placed on top of the concrete. Homeowners can retrofit the existing foundation by installing steel bolts to all angles of the house to secure the home against any earthquakes.

When an earthquake occurs a home is designed to swing left and right. If an earthquake is strong enough, it can swing right off the concrete foundation if the bolts are not in place, or if their are other pressing concerns regarding the foundation stability.

House bolting, foundation bolting, crippling wall braces generally refer to the same concept. The idea behind the terms is referring to earthquake retrofitting and helping homeowners protect themselves and their loved ones.

Schedule a free in-home estimate for your foundation retrofitting estimate in Los Angeles today. Free estimates available in Southern California.

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