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Foundation Bolting And Repairs

Novel Remodeling provides foundation bolting services for homeowners in Saugus, CA. We provide seismic bolting for foundations that could be slipping. Foundation bolting keeps the house from shaking when an earthquake hits while limiting the damages it can do. Foundation bolting connects the wood frames to the concrete foundation to provide a better connection to the core foundation. For most earthquakes, foundation bolting will help prevent thousands of dollars in damages. Foundation retrofitting is another way to secure your foundation. Installing the floor joist directly to the foundation adds additional support to wall crippling walls.

Dealing with a foundation project requires expert contractor with real world experience in repairing the foundation. Novel Remodeling has the experience and the crew to repair your foundation and protect your home. Compare foundation repair costs and save thousand today. Call Us to schedule your estimate. Honest General Contractor in Saugus CA !

Foundation Repairs for Saugus Homeowners

Home buyers that recently purchased a home in Saugus should check the foundation before even considering purchasing the property. Most homes in Saugus have some sort of foundation damages if the foundation has not been updated since 1950’s. Most homeowners never can tell what condition the foundation is in until it’s too late.

We provide free in-home estimates on foundation inspections and foundation repairs for homeowners. Our estimates involve our contractors going down to your foundation, checking both interior and exterior of the foundation, and providing cost efficient solutions to get the project done correctly. Our foundation repairs involve sealing cracks, water proofing the area, removing mold and other toxic fungi that might be growing in the crawlspace/basement. Homeowners with slipping or lose soil often require lifting the home from the core and repacking the soil. This is a major project requiring a full foundation crew ready to lift the house with multiple cranes and do the necessary soil packing. Furthermore, homeowners in Saugus are recommended to bolt the foundation for added protection against earthquake.

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