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Foundation Crack Repairs Epoxy Injections

Epoxy Injections for Foundation Repairs

Foundations that consist of concrete often times form hairline to major cracks. When you notice a crack in your foundation, you as a homeowner should not take that lightly. Cracks in the foundation tend to be very dangerous for the home and your family. A hairline crack can turn into a larger crack and damages can be in the thousands.

Thankfully, Novel Remodeling can take a look at your foundation and offer solutions that are cost-efficient and affordable. One of those affordable solutions is injecting epoxy. Epoxy injects for concrete cracks is one of the strongest adhesive for concretes. It’s highly effective with little downside. Only negative things we experience are that it takes a long time to harden. It can possibly leak but our contractors stand by and make sure the leaks are minimal and adhesive hardens to ensure the cracks are repaired.


n addition to getting the work done, we can help you get rebates available from Brace and Bolt Program for homeowners. Up to $3000.00 in rebates for homeowners that qualify. Call for more details 855-456-6835

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