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Electrical Panel Upgrade Costs

Are you interested in a electrical panel upgrade and not sure if you can afford it? In Los Angeles, Novel Remodeling provides free estimate for electrical panels and upgrading or replacing the panels at a cost that is affordable to our clients. Costs can range from $1,750 - $4,550 depending on the type of panel and condition of your existing electrical system.

Electrical Panel Upgrade – Why it Matters

There are two main reasons to upgrade your electrical panel box for your home in Los Angeles.  Most homeowners that are interested in an upgrade are experiencing some flickering, or other possible dangerous scenarios for the house. Safety is a big concern for Novel Remodeling and replacing your electrical panel box would save you from a dangerous home fire.

The other main reason for home upgrades is that your appliances are growing and your home is stuck with a small electrical panel box that cannot handle the extra load of electricity. Older homes that installed a new central air conditioning unit often need a new electrical panel upgrade. Other scenarios can be replacing your existing kitchen with new equipment, adding several new televisions, or other appliances that need more energy.

Replacing Electrical Panel

Homeowners interested in replacing their existing panel box with a 200 amp or more electrical panel should get a free estimate today. Free estimates for replacing your electrical panel, or upgrading it in Los Angeles.

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