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Things you should know About California Residential Mitigation Program

Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program in Los Angeles was launched in 2011 by CRMP to help strengthen the foundation of homes in Northern and Southern California. As a pilot program it was available only in Northern California, but quickly spread to southern California. One of the most useful rebate and incentive programs available for southern California, homeowners are taking full advantage of the incentives available and as an approved contractor, we love to help!

Zip codes in Los Angeles that the programs are available

Finding a Certified Foundation Bolting & Retrofitting Company

Novel Remodeling a well-established and licensed foundation and bolting service company has been helping homeowners with foundation cracks, foundation repairs, for over 15 years. We believe in honest and straight forward approach to foundation repairs and foundation retrofitting. Homeowners struggling with obvious signs can quickly get a free in-home estimate from one of our knowledgeable representatives. Free In-home estimates for homeowners (Must own home or small fee). Schedule your free foundation estimate in Los Angeles Today.

Expected Savings in Los Angeles

Our experience working with Earthquake Brace and Bolt program and our own incentives, we average about $4,250 in savings. Some homeowners do not qualify for the full $3000 in savings, so our incentive program helps them pay for a portion of the foundation repairs. Schedule a free quote today!

Houses that meet Chapter A3 specifications are typically:

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