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Duct Sealing In Los Angeles

Los Angeles charges its residence a hefty price when they consume more energy than the average and regularly promotes energy efficiency products to help you save money and become more energy efficient. Novel Remodeling and our duct sealing and installation contractors work with our energy efficiency teams to help you maximize your energy by using more of what you are paying. Sealing your home ducts can help you save about 25% depending on how poorly your ducts were installed. That’s significant in savings and if combined with another energy efficiency product you will gain more.

Major Benefits of Duct Sealing

Prevents common Allergies / Prevents excessive dust

If you notice that you start sneezing soon after the air conditioning unit goes on, then you might have allergies that are stuck in your ducts. Allergies are like warning signs for your body to show you that you are not in a comfortable environment. Ducts that are not sealed often have dusts and other allergens that introduced to your living areas through the ducts. Schedule a free estimate to seal your ducts and see your allergies improve.

Keeps room warm during winter, and cool during summer

Duct sealing is great for keeping air flowing cool and strong all summer long. In Los Angeles, we are suffering from exhausting heat and some homeowners are constantly using their air conditioning all day during summer and the costs can really rise. Keeping your ducts sealed ensures you get 100% of the airflow and combined with insulation will keep your home comfortable. Schedule a free estimate to find out how you can get your energy efficiency audit today.

Helps you save money on energy costs

If you are using less of you air conditioning, the savings can add up right? Novel Remodeling provides duct sealing to ensure you save thousands on energy costs in Los Angeles. Schedule a free estimate and start saving money today.

Duct Sealing Rebates
Duct sealing is considered an energy efficiency service and combination with 2 other energy efficiency services will get you up to $3,000 from Energy Upgrade California. In addition to the energy upgrade program we are providing our own rebate program. Save an additional $500 if you choose us to do the energy efficiency project.

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