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Duct Sealing Services

Duct sealing is one the best way to stay energy efficient during Los Angeles harsh weather. In summer even with a working central air conditioning, you might experience the LA sweats. Central air conditioning units are the center of summer energy efficiency debates and duct sealing can help you save thousands of dollars, keep your living areas clean from contamination, and keep you comfortable all summer long. There are two main types of ducts and discussing the importance of each duct will help you make informed decisions when you decide it’s time to interview contractors for the sealing services.

Flex Ducts Vs Metal Ducts

Flex Ducts are one of the most affordable ducting systems available for homeowners in Los Angeles. It compromise of rigid wire coil with a cover of plastic to form a tube like cylinder shape to connect ducts to areas around the house. It’s relatively easy to install and requires less planning than traditional ducts like sheet metal ducts and duct boards. It’s cheap, and easy to install. Two of the most common reasons why builders choose flex duct over sheet metal ducts but what about the negatives?

Flex duct is amazing product if you do it right, but those that install flex duct have very little experience and even worse do not understand the flaws of the product. Flex Ducts can reduce your airflow and easily tear when compromised. Small leaks are common and bending it during installation or applying to much pressure will destroy your efficiency and why you are installing your air conditioning in the first place.

Metal ducts are stronger and require planning to build properly and installation requires professionals, not day laborers. Most builders and homeowners rarely discuss metal ducts as an option because of the costs. It is 3x more expensive to install metal ducts vs flex ducts. Metal ducts tend to last longer, however, are hard to install in small areas, areas that require sharp turns and more. Hard to get to spots require creative duct installer to maneuver the ducts to go through walls, in attic or even in the crawl space of your home. Get started with your free estimate.

Novel Remodeling Duct Installation

Novel Remodeling provides a wide range of duct installation services for homeowners in Los Angeles. We provide both flex duct installation and metal duct installation services for homeowners. We do not provide commercial service. Our duct installers are one of the best in LA. We pass inspections from our team of project managers and contractors that go over the entire project for flawless installation. Schedule a free estimate today and learn about rebates that are available for homeowners.

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