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Cabinet Resurfacing Services Los Angeles

Cabinet resurfacing is an amazing project for local homeowners in Los Angeles that are interested in adding value to the kitchen without spending a fortune. Novel Remodeling understands homeowners and the need to save money. That is why we provide cabinet resurfacing and help homeowners understand when it is most beneficial to resurfacing and repair kitchen cabinets for homes.

Cabinet resurfacing uses different methods of sanding, staining and painting to add a fresh look to your existing cabinets. Older cabinets that are in good condition might only need a fresh sanding, and a nice color to top it off. Novel Remodeling works with homeowners to ensure that the kitchen remodeling project gets done according to the budget. We never cut corners when it comes to remodeling the kitchen, and taking pride of what we do has allowed us to thrive.

Steps to Consider with Cabinet Resurfacing

Repair any existing wood damage or replace existing damages.

Sand all cabinets to smooth out texture, and remove existing color.

Consider painting or staining the cabinets.

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Expert advice for professional cabinet resurfacing for local homeowners in Los Angeles, CA.

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