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Top Bathroom Remodeling Projects

The biggest and most sought after project for your bathroom remodeling is bathroom tiles. Most homeowners in Los Angeles are tired of looking at the old design. We do full floor to ceiling bathroom tiling services for our clients. Homeowners that need a professional bathroom tile installation, choose us over our competitors because we are competitive, affordable and professional.

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Vanity and Shower Enclosures

Other Projects to consider are new vanity installation and shower enclosures. These two services are big for Novel Remodeling and we show homeowners how to affordably install vanity, and shower enclosures in Los Angeles. Design elements are a big factor in each of the projects. Depending on your current bathroom design, we can help you locate modern, contemporary, or craftsmen style vanities for your existing bathroom. If a shower enclosure is your way of remodeling your bathroom, we provide frame-less shower enclosures, and a breathtaking design that works with any design. Schedule your estimate and learn why its important to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor today.  

Bathroom Remodeling Contracting Los Angeles

Whether you’re considering a new bathroom addition for your home, or expanding your existing bathroom, Novel Remodeling is your #1 choice when it comes to hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor. Our contractor has over 20 years of bathroom remodeling experience and is fully licensed, insured to handle any type of bathrooms in Los Angeles.

Why Novel Remodeling?

We remodel residential bathrooms to help our clients add value; improve usability, increase comfort and esthetics. Making your bathroom beautiful while increase functionality is what drives us to innovate, and remodel homes in Los Angeles. Professional bathroom remodeling contractors like us, help pull permits, upgrade existing plumbing, professionally install tiles, while keeping costs low for our clients. Schedule an estimate, and learn about our bathroom contractors award winning designs. Schedule a bathroom estimate in Los Angeles Today.

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